NS//1: Neo Sol Omega

Neo Sol Tech
Omega means final. Yet in this context, this means that this is one of the "end-game" targets of the team. To become the premier underground dealers of cyberpunk-tech not only for Solana, but cross chain as well.
The creation of an eco-system of web3 products is important to provide positive cashflow to the project and ensure the longevity of Neo Sol. Okay. Let's get down to brass tacks.
Post-mint here are the projected costs and expenses:
10% - Hyperspace Launchpad fees
1~10% - Pre-launch costs, expenses and liabilities e.g. assistant artists, living expenses, petrol, server, mod payments, Adobe subscriptions, collab manager payments, borrowed money from relatives to keep the project going etc. etc. etc. basically all the miscellaneous tidbits and expenses that add up over time-- from conceptualisation of project and quitting our day jobs up until launch. Even purchasing a Helion NFT just to use the pre-sale function is included. Even our Discord nitro is included. Yep. it costs money to make something and they add up over time.
15% - advisor fees. Do you need objective advise without any emotions involved? No clout, no network? = advisor
--------------------------- ---------------------------
75% - total working capital
45% - Variable invested founder funds. A coined term for the funds allocated to each founder as discretionary funds for personal consumption, but with the mutual understanding that a portion of the allocation can be taken and re-invested into the project as needed. E.g. downpayment and advance to lease office space, or perhaps sudden need to invest on the subsidy for community engagement etc.
25-30% - starting funds
Both of these funds will be utilised (even our own discretionary funds) to pay for capital expenditure and hopefully expansion of the project
--------------------------- ---------------------------

Neon: The NEO NFT marketplace

A capstone project for Neo Sol. We are aiming to build a marketplace that aims to offer a unique viable proposition by leveraging previously built tech from Atlas-Intel Enjoy not only purchasing NFTs with discounted fees if you're an NFT holder, but also prettified information taken from our warehoused database. This is not just your average marketplace, but an integrated marketplace built to help you make sound decisions. Target prototype post mint: Q1 2023

income/value generating activity:

  1. 1.
    discounted rates for holders of affiliated projects and/or holders of NEO SOL NFT

D.E.M. Corp:

Cyberpunk would not be cyberpunk without the tendrils of cyber-corporations reaching in to every corner.
D.E.M. Corp is an exclusive launchpad curated from within the community first and foremost. Neo Sol aims not only launch the project but to integrate these start-ups within our eco-system to provide further value to holders.

income/value generating activity:

  1. 1.
    percentage of mint
  2. 2.
    WL allocation to holders
  3. 3.
    integration to eco-system for immediate post-mint utility for project community members
  4. 4.
    D.E.M. corp team allocation. TBA
  5. 5.
    NEO SOL artist assistance.
  6. 6.
    Neo Sol secret police assistance.
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