Core Team

3 kindred souls in a journey to build Neo Sol

Doxxed via Hyperspace

Inquisitor meow - Business development & community

Started crypto in 2014, bought Bitcoin for fun to purchase stuff online and traverse the deep web. Primarily worked in sales and marketing, then shifted towards finance for a few years; Having worked in multiple different countries before settling back home to pursue web3 full-time. An avid collector of genesis tokens, he owns multiple NFTs from different blockchains that were the first to be ever minted. He has a useless degree in psychology. Is also a self-taught programmer. Gamer
Likes: Cats, literature, gaming, hiking, surfing, combat sports
Dislikes: Propaganda, fascism, humans (to a certain extent)
music recommendation: Toe, Frank Ocean, Dijon, tom misch
Game recommendation: Company of heroes, The Witcher 3, Final fantasy tactics

Freeman - Software Engineer

Met Inquisitor Meow while in university, were briefly roommates but have remained in contact ever since. Freeman earned a bachelor of science degree in computer engineering and has worked in the industry for a while till becoming a senior software engineer for an F500 company. Left his job to pursue web3 full-time. Loves music and has a band playing the lead guitars. Gamer
Likes: music, jiu-jitsu, programming, working out
Dislikes: negative vibes ;)
music recommendation: polyphia, snarkpy-puppy, jeru de damaja
game recommendation: Legend of Zelda, Red Dead Redemption 2, Witcher 3

EUGENE - Artist

University student who dropped out of his fine arts course to dive into web3 and make art full-time. Has been an artist ever since he was a child. It is his passion and his life. Loves to collect toys, and art books from different artists and studios. He spends his time perfecting his craft by....making art! Has a versatile skillset and can handle 3d-modeling, to digital paintings and even 2d illustrations and animations. His dream is to have his own art studio. Gamer Samples of his original artwork:

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