NS//0 : Neo Sol Alpha

The beginning of Neo Sol
At its core, Neo Sol aims to build premier web3 products that not only benefit its holders, but also the wider web3 space. In order to showcase our competency despite limited funding, it came to our attention as web3 NFT enthusiasts ourselves, that in general, a good indicator of a decent project is a well-made collection. A degen drop can be spotted from a mile away, but a collection that was carefully made with true intention to deliver quality and value is unmistakeable for the trained eye.
We want to convey competency and confidence to our holders. This is our intention for our generative drop, so that the community can be rest assured that the team knows how to deliver post-mint. Most especially during a bear-market where the euphoria of the bull has been replaced by caution. Investors are more nuanced at the projects they will choose to mint, and gone are the days that any group of devs can just finish the artwork in less than a month and manage to sell out instantly. We are proud to say that at the moment of writing, there is literally no other NFT project on Solana that has the same style or quality as we have achieved. We put in the work so that all our NFTs will be animated. This took a lot of time and effort. This a statement that we will do the same for our roadmap.

Neo Sol Universe

Lore is crucial to a community. This is what binds together groups of human beings ever since the dawn of civilisation. A mythos that is understood, read and passed down from generation to generation that forms our cultures and beliefs. What makes NFTs special is the ability to now bind together a group of people regardless of race, color, nationality, or creed etc. Boundaries are crossed due to the ability to prove true ownership of assets. And when you truly own something, and the other person holds the same thing of value, you have a shared identity to form a communal bond. And now, we are finding out in the web3 NFT space that lore is one of the missing pieces of the puzzle to create a lasting community. A prototypical form of this is the phenomenon of memes in the NFT space. Memes are highly transmissible and can shoot projects to the moon. Lore is the more sophisticated version of this concept.
The team understands this, and is aiming to build the Neo Sol Universe that will be built by the community as decentralisation of powers is slowly relegated to the community over-time.
What follows is the base foundations of the lore, which will be continued in the future by the community as the project gains traction.

World Strife

A.D. 2325 tensions amongst world powers came to a zenith that sparked world war 4 between many nations on Earth. Nuclear and fusion bombs were utilised but unbeknownst to all, ancient alien civilisations have been observing Terra ever since the beginning of human civilisation. A dormant machine was fully activated after aeons of slumber to initiate its will before all humankind destroyed itself. Neo Sol was born.

Universe convergence

N.S. 0. A new universe was born. The God Machine's activation brought forth a convergence of many different universes into a singular point in the Solar System. In one sudden flash everything changed. The modern day cyberpunk world of Earth was merged with a universe akin to the description of Hell in ancient human mythologies. Another universe that housed magical creatures, brutish goblins, and dragons also fell into this singularity and many more other universes. Flaura and fauna alike changed, disapperead, replaced and even landscapes merged to form new topographies never before seen in the world of man. This era has now been known as Neo Sol Day Zero which lasted almost a century. Pure chaos ensued as confusion amongst many different breeds of animals, monsters, daemons and sentient races fought in a frenzy of xenophobia and self-preservation.

Neo stability

Three hundred and thirty three years post N.S., a stability point has been reached. Neo Sol has found a new world order. New nations were borne out of the rubbles of post-apocalypse and universal rebirth. Humans, Demons, ogres, orcs, elves, talking cats and dogs and many other beings now co-exist together inside a fragile social contract that binds them together. Embassies of Hell could be found in all major metropolitan areas as a means of communication, as the Demonic Empire relocated close to the mantle of the Earth after a long drawn out war with all races. Mega corporations rose to prominence in Neo Sol headed by demonic cats. a world police force founded by divine beings travel the world in search of justice. A goblin who plays for a punk-rock band leads the goblin revolution. A Half-orc, half-human drug lord plans to build a drug syndicate empire. A gangster with a dog for a head. Corporate swordsmen fighting full-scale war against other corporations. An undead samurai resurrected from death wrestles with the concept of immortality while running his own prime-time talk show after reaching super-stardom.

Our story

N.S. 428 This is where our story begins. Unravel the chaotic mysteries of Neo Sol. Where cyberpunk meets dark-fantasy as we follow the stories of the many different denizens of Neo Sol.


The NFT acts as a gated token to the Neo Sol DAO wherein holders can vote towards two things.
1.) Tech features - community members can vote on specific features that are being built by the team
2.) Narrative - Lore is central to Neo Sol, and holders of the OG collection have stronger voting power towards the unfolding of the story. Overtime, as volumes are released, voting power is diluted but still favour the genesis collection. More people can have a stake in the Neo Sol future as a result on the other hand.

Visual Novel/Manga NFT airdrops

As the story progresses, holders are eligible for the NFT airdrops that represent each volume/issue of the manga. These are represented by NFTs. A certain percentage of the supply will be publicly minted but holders will be airdropped the NFT.


The NFT airdrop's structure has already been designed in advance by the project founders to be gamified in a sense that it will not just be an airdrop. We will be pushing forward a new innovative style of delivering this product which will not be disclosed for now. A clue would be the utilisation of new tech that other projects have developed for commercial use to its clients. We are excited to see how this goes for the community and the wider market.

Neo Sol: Cross

How did Berserk become one of the most famous Manga/anime in the world? how about the Witcher, or perhaps Spiderman? It all starts with the written word, extended into many volumes/issues over-time accruing supporters and fans across the world. Then it becomes part of the cultural consciousness.
the future is multi-chain. In order to build awareness towards the brand, the team is interested in creating a presence in other chains to on-board more people into the Neo Sol Universe. Early supporters who stay with the project long-term will greatly benefit this strategic move.